The T.E.A.M.S. Methodology


I’m Michael King, I’m a Business Leadership Coach: 


I help business leaders clarify and execute at high levels through my T.E.A.M.S. Methodology to develop measurable business growth and company-wide collaboration.


You have a vision but you don’t know where to start.  You feel like your team supports you but you don’t see the movement that you desire.  


You feel alone.  




I always say this: “If God is in the dream….the devil’s in the details.”  

  • You need someone that will help you develop simple and sustainable strategies and help you take a clear next step.
  • You need someone who will help you build a HEALTHY, FUN, COLLABORATIVE and TRUSTING team culture.
  • You need someone who will pull out the best in you and who believes in you. I KNOW you have what it takes and I WILL show you.






I can help you with this!


T.E.A.M.S. Methodology


Targets - clear and actionable goals and KPI’s

Engagement - universal participation and aligned healthy culture

Action - repeatable and sustainable systems and processes

Momentum - contagious energy from unquestionable action

Synergy - chemistry and collaboration amongst the team


Join the many other high achieving leaders that I’ve coached and we will make 2020 your best year yet!


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What Clients Say

I have worked with Mike on both strategic planning as well as relational coaching. His leadership experience, as well as his outside viewpoint, has helped bring clarity to murky situations.

Susie D

Strategic Initiatives Director

I've recently watched Michael unlock the potential of an organization in ways I couldn’t imagine.  Michael has an incredible way of gathering the heartbeat of an organization and finding ways to tell the story of an organization all while being able to work with their team to achieve greater teamwork, innovation and results.  He has the ability to work with a wide range of leaders and leadership styles.  His skillset and methods are sure to add immense value to organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Zach L

Business Relations

Mike King has the unique ability to help people sift through all of the minutiae of decisions, processes and urgent needs to help focus on what issues are most important. I was appreciative of Mike’s ability to let us process the answers to our problems in our context without him giving the answers to us (that he could clearly see). Powerful questions led to simple and equally powerful answers.  He helped us create a timeline with concurrent steps to address and a plan that actually empowered team members to take action and ownership to implement change. I am grateful for both his vision to see where change could happen in our organization and the leadership to help our people discover the solutions to move us forward!

Jason C


Mike has done an incredible job of coming in and helping our team. He has a rare gift and is able to help individuals and teams to unlock their greatest potential. We all know that things move forward on effective communication, good decisions, and follow-up actions. Mike has done an excellent job in helping our team not just know that but to live it out on a day-to-day basis. We have accomplished more in the last six months then we have the two years prior and it is a direct result of Mike working with us. I personally have grown as a leader in leaps and bounds by working with him. When Mike is working with someone he sees them as an individual and helps them personally take steps forward. My leadership tool box has been filled and I am seeing and doing things at a much higher level.

Jeff R

Executive Director

I have known Michael for the past 8+ years. We have met many times during that period as friends. We have also worked together online discussing various leadership topics. He considers me one of his mentors, but more importantly I consider him one of mine. Mr. King’s interaction with others can be characterized as prompt, professional, sincere and courteous. He has a genuine concern for the needs of others. His communication skills are excellent. He is able to identify and solve problems efficiently and effectively. He is honest, dependable and loyal. He is a team player. He is a leader. He is a coach and mentor extraordinaire.If you need a coach/mentor/teacher of leadership. Michael is one of the best I have met.

Ron H

Professor Emeriutus, UNL

In the last year of having Michael King working with our team I can tell you God has gifted him in several ways, but especially in leadership development. The old saying is true, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”” and he is helping us to raise up leaders to take our organization to the next level. He has all of our staff developing leaders and developing teams! The focus on leadership development is central to his strategy. It is not just the staff, but also the people who are now helping us! 

Carl G

Lead Pastor

From increasing sales, to igniting passion in your leaders- Michael King has proven himself to be a versatile and successful consultant and coach. With a wide-ranging client set from multiple industries, Michael has been able to deliver an inimitable approach that has shown to provide short term transformation while furnishing our organization with long term sustainable tracks for success.

Jennifer G

Director of Marketing and Digital Strategies

One thing I learned from Mike is how to look at the world through a different lens. He helped me gain a different perspective on life, leadership and business.

Joel S.

General Manager, Chrysler-Dodge 

“Mike’s coaching often takes me “out of the moment” just long enough to show me something bigger! He helps lift my eyes a little higher so I gain clarity about how those “moments” can be used far more effectively. While I am somewhat lost in looking for the answers the current “crisis moment” demands, he reveals how a certain action or attitude can turn that crisis into a far greater learning and  teaching experience.  Suddenly, the problems of the moment take a back seat to the opportunities they bring to cast vision to my team.

Cleve S

Pastor, Lincoln NE 

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