I’ve heard this said in a million different ways, but I believe this more now than ever: “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.  The best leaders have the best coaches… and I know how to relate to leaders and find solutions.  


As an executive coach, I work with Senior leaders all the way through full team engagement, to discover gaps in performance, culture, blind spots, establishing new goals and the plans to achieve them, evaluating overall engagement and helping leaders (and their teams) to get unstuck.  


I have worked alongside top level CEO’s, their teams and also entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, pastors and their staff.  


My favorite part of being an executive coach is when I see my clients win—when I see them start to dream bigger and better things for their life and for their teams.   


I have the systems and strategies to help any organization get unstuck and break barriers.

The success of a company relies greatly on a solid team effort that’s facilitated by a leader who’s clear on the company’s vision, and the capacity to lead his team toward the realization of that vision. Therefore, seeking help from a reliable Executive Coach is vital.


Optimize your leadership performance and manage work stress better with Michael King’s comprehensive managerial strategies as an Executive Coach. Identify the missing links while moving from one benchmark to another. 


Michael helps business leaders and managers recognize these blind spots with his proficient training.

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